Dec 132011
sarcastic font typography

Bloggers, font-sluts, sisters in snark, and devotees to the Church of Sarcasm…

This is, perhaps, the best idea I’ve heard in ages: The Sarcastic Font movement. The website is here at Sarcastic Font. They have a short manifesto, a usage guide, and their goals include encouraging developers to create more sarcastic fonts and design a Word macro, a “S” button, for sarcasm, that will sit next to the B/bold, I/italics, and U/underline buttons in your Word formatting toolbar.

As part of their “Sarcastic Font Usage Guide“:

  • Use to your own natural level of sarcasm. (note that a sharp rise in the use of sarcasm may change one’s circle of friends)
  • Unless you’re writing a long sarcastic rant, it’s most effective to highlight a phrase or two in a sarcastic font than to write an entire note in it.
  • Bold a sarcastic font for really sarcastic comments.
  • A sarcastic font is especially useful when writing to others in a foreign language. They may not understand what you’re saying, but they’ll know it’s sarcastic.

Brilliant. Fucking brilliant.

Or should I say…


So this whole sarcastic font thing started in 2004. I’m a little late to the party. So what?


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  1. …'Kay…

    Do we include a key for the different fonts that we employ? Maybe the italic Arial sarcastic font for sarcasm, but some swirly curly font for lovey dovey romantic thoughts, and something scratchy or handwriting-like for train-of-thought writing, or…

  2. @WBW: "but some swirly curly font for lovey dovey romantic thoughts, and something scratchy or handwriting-like for train-of-thought writing"

    I LOOOVE this idea. I love it hard. I only wish I could be sure that people's browsers would register my emoti-font… if I can ever figure out how to do that, I'm totally stealing this idea!

    Emoti-fonts for all!

    (I know you weren't serious… but I am!)

  3. I love the ideas here… just worried about implementation and interpretation.

    I'm a huge fan of something on the dry wit to sarcasm span (a la Oscar Wilde), so a sarcasm font would be wonderful. However, this particular backsliding-esque font seems a tad on the sarcasm-condescending span.

  4. @DC: "just worried about implementation and interpretation."

    Mmmhmmm… because interpretation isn't already a problem? Implementation… well, I have that covered. :)

    I've nearly abandoned all hope at dry wit to unknown audiences in written form. Shall I keep trying? (and failing…?)


  5. @D, oh, dahlink, I know you are just seeking praise (while being funny), because you know that your wit is quite appreciated and not a failure at all!

  6. @WBW: Oh, I'm only giving up on attempts at dry wit. I'm still heavily invested in sarcasm. :)

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