Dec 072011

J is allowed to make requests at playtime and in bed, and he has on some occasions. But he’s never asked to see me fully undressed. He’s never seen me totally naked and that seems strange to me.

Is that strange? 

He’s seen parts of me, of course, but not all the parts at the same time. And yes, I know that some Dommes are never-nudes and some subs know better than to ask. But I am not a never-nude and J hasn’t been afraid to ask for what he wants in the past. Maybe he doesn’t want to see me naked?

Are there subs who don’t want to see their Dommes naked? 

I want to be naked, on occasion. I like skin-to-skin contact, I like the intimacy, I liked being touched, and I like being admired. And really, it’s not just about being undressed, it’s about having someone who wants me undressed… it’s about having someone want me.

Sometimes I wonder whether J wants me or if he’s just looking for someone to ‘work out his kinks.’

That’s not what I want. I want a boy who wants to see me naked… a boy who lusts for me… me the person, not me the “dominant.” I want a boy who wants me.


I’m pretty easy on the eyes… :)

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  1. Hubba hubba… great legs! And wow, absolute killer heels too!

    Yes some subs play the 'I'm not worthy to see you naked' card, but J doesn't sound like such a fetishist that it would be his game.

    Frankly, if J doesn't want to see you naked, he is an idiot. You can tell him I said so. He will pretend not to care, but really, he will be mortified, you know, on the inside.


  2. @Ferns: The heels are freaking beautiful. I love them lots. :)

    And I would tell him you said so, if he knew what I was doing here… I'm sure he would be mortified!

  3. I'll add my 'hubba hubba' to Ferns's! But only because she went first… cuz if I said it first, well, she'd probably say I must be one of those guys who walks into bars cocking his finger at women saying 'hubba hubba'. :) (Yes she thought that of me once!)

    Indeed, gorgeous legs and heels. But your desire to be 'seen for who you are' is understandable. We all want to know we are deisred and loved even when all our layers are peeled away.

  4. DC: "…she'd probably say I must be one of those guys who walks into bars cocking his finger at women saying 'hubba hubba'."

    *laugh* And then winking with that exaggerated head tilt and the clicking noise… Yeah… that!


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