Dec 042011

I’m not sure why, but quite a few people I’ve corresponded with as a result of this blog have backgrounds and interests in music. From my anecdotal evidence, it appears that kinky people are musically inclined. I might as well share my background, in no particular order…


  • Courtesy of one of my many past lives, I’m a classically trained mezzo-soprano. I studied composition, arrangement, and vocal performance in college. I also wasted a lot of money on guitar lessons that weren’t very helpful.
  • One of my prized possessions is a blond, vintage, archtop Epiphone acoustic guitar that belonged to my father’s father, a man I never met, but according to all accounts, I would not have wanted to meet.
  • For approximately eight months, I was the disposable girlfriend of the lead in a touring commercial-grade pop-rock band.
  • On the tour, I gained some knowledge of chords and scales, some familiarity with drugs and sex, and I was gifted a beautiful American Standard Fender Stratocaster as a Valentine’s Day present.
  • I left the tour long before I was disposed of. Instead of pursuing a career in music, I decided to go to grad school to study in an unrelated discipline. That decision is simultaneously the best and worst decision I’ve ever made.
  • Currently, I play rhythm and sing harmony with a crappy band on weekends. While the band isn’t very good, it’s lots of fun and good practice. In general, I make it my business to overshadow the front by whatever means possible.
  • Although I don’t play as often as I’d like, I carry six tortoise-shell picks and a capo in my purse at all times.
  • While the quality of my voice has diminished a little over the years, I still swallow the mic, breathe without regard to register, and can harmonize anything, anywhere, at any time.

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