Dec 142011

One of many dumb conversations I’ve had on FetLife. I realize it’s not very nice of me, but sometimes, as soon as it’s obvious they want customized e-wanking materials, I have a little fun. It’s not nice of me, nor is it clever, but it happens. I never promised to be nice nor have I ever promised to be clever.

randomsub: do you want a slave?

Me: Sure! Do you cook?

randomsub: no but you can train me whatever you want.

randomsub: can i see pics of you

Me: Are you new to this?

randomsub: yes im new. can I see pics of you?

Me: No. Also, you should know that while I might consider accepting a slave, there’s an application process, interviews, performance tests, obstacle course challenge, mandatory blood test, cooking classes, microchipping, and other registration issues. Rest assured, there’s no cleaning required, except self-cleaning, of course, but I have a hose in the backyard for that.

randomsub: your a bitch

Me: whatever

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  1. The most entertaining thing I've read all day. Thanks! Still laughing about the hose in the backyard… :)

  2. Um, that WAS clever. And he's definitely dumb. My own personal test involves the proper usage of "your" and "you're". He failed:-)

  3. LOL Love it!!! That was awesome and I took notes…

  4. Hee! That's fantastic :)

  5. just catching up.
    Really funny.
    You are really funny.

  6. Thanks Laurent!

  7. What a moron. Thinking he can just jump in and ask for pics of someone. Wtf made him think he could contact a Domme and demand pictures!

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