Dec 262011

So that was Christmas.

The Good:

I got a beautiful one carat solitaire diamond necklace from a sometimes darling boy. It has a setting for which there is no name. It’s simple, unique, and it’s perfect. I absolutely love it–it’s beautiful and thoughtful in ways I won’t explain now.

The Bad:

I went to spend the afternoon with a friend (she’s more like family, really) and her brother-in-law’s mother started having chest pains. The ambulance was called and the paramedics stuck her on a stretcher and whisked her away to the emergency room. I found out this morning she had a heart attack. I don’t really know her, but I’m sending her lots of positive thoughts and I’m hoping she’s okay.

Within the hour of the ambulance pulling away, most of the adults left to go to the hospital. Since I live nearby, I loaned my car to another friend so she could take various elderly family members home, to the hospital, etc.

I stayed behind to wrangle sugar-high, over-stressed children into their beds, and make up couches and air-mattresses for the ones who hadn’t intended to stay the night.

I tended children, cleaned up everything from the party, and had a quick cocktail with a neighbor who had come over to help when the ambulance arrived. We chatted and fielded phone calls from parents checking on their kids, and from various friends and family members sharing whatever news they had and/or asking for information.

The neighbor left when my friend’s husband returned home to take over. Since he couldn’t leave the children there by themselves, I volunteered to walk home. I thought it was about a mile, so I took off toward home on foot, in four inch wedges and a cocktail dress. I had an armful of casserole dishes and other assorted whatnot.

The Ugly: 

My shoes came off before I left their development and I walked barefoot. I underestimated the weight of the things I carried and badly underestimated the distance to home. I had thought it was about a mile. I checked when I finally got home and it was actually 4.5 miles. My poor feet are bloodied and blistered. I pulled two small shards of glass from my left foot when I got home, and even now, I can only walk on my tiptoes, as my feet are a total mess of bruises, raw flesh, and ugly blisters.

I shouldn’t complain though–I’m very lucky to have friends and family and lucky to be in good health. For that, I am very grateful.

As of this point, I’m looking forward to an uneventful New Year’s Eve.

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  1. Wow, you poor thing. Your feet need some TLC, stat.

  2. What a sad and difficult day. I hope she's alright. And that you can have some downtime for a couple days to heal. Lovely jewelry though! (And of course now I have that Good, Bad, and Ugly tune in my head for the day!)

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