Dec 152011

In celebration of my 100th post… numbers, words, and lots of navel gazing! In short, the same thing you’ve come to expect from me almost every day (except the numbers… I’m allergic to numbers).

Some Numbers

100 – number of posts published
43 – number of posts drafted, unfinished, and/or possibly abandoned
74 – countries who have hit on me (I started keeping track last week)
4 – number of shoes I’ve broken since I started the blog

Interesting Search Terms (interesting, according to me)

bdsm intellectual connection, is paula deen into bdsm, roomba sex, husband pegging, safeword pain, broken domme, crushed his balls, epic labia, naked and bent, she grinds his face, ginger root figging, domme by email, twisted cock, dildo in man’s ass, beauty vulva, I hate labia, pegging

Word Frequency Cloud (top 150)

blog anniversary blogaversary

Umm, like… I say “like” that much? I see, “like,” “want,” “know,” and “cock.” Like, I know I want cock.

Word Frequency (selected)

Tag Frequency

sex words tag cloud
Will you raise a glass with me in celebration of my 100th post? :)
I’ll have a vodka tonic with lemon, please.

  2 Responses to “100th post!”

  1. Congratulations!! 100 in and still fresh and fun and funny and sexy.

    'Just like cock, BDSM know want'… really jump out at me in the word cloud. Thought 'think' and 'thought' are what strike me about your blog!

    Thanks for all your sharing. And here's to the next 100!

  2. Congratulations on your first 100!

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