Dec 302011
BDSM Lexicon Entry #11: Genderqueer

genderqueer, n.: A person who rejects the notion of a gender binary. A person who identifies as genderqueer may consider themselves as being both male and female or as being neither male nor female.

“Sure, this is my wife’s purse, but since I’m carrying it, I prefer to call it a ‘man pouch.’ I guess maybe it’s a genderqueer satchel? Or maybe it’s just a fucking bag.” … [read more]

Dec 292011

He doesn’t pay me compliments as often as I like. He sometimes tells me that I’m sexy, but it sounds hollow and feels empty. He rarely tells me that I’m beautiful, and when he does, it’s generic–the kind of thing that could apply to any girl. Sometimes it hurts my feelings, as I’d like to think I’m not just any girl. At times, I suspect he doesn’t really see me. Sure, he sees some in-his-head construction of dominance, femininity, and assorted characteristics he finds attractive, but sometimes I wonder if he really sees me. But then, on rare occasions, there … [read more]

Dec 262011
Christmas: the good, the bad, and the ugly

So that was Christmas. The Good: I got a beautiful one carat solitaire diamond necklace from a sometimes darling boy. It has a setting for which there is no name. It’s simple, unique, and it’s perfect. I absolutely love it–it’s beautiful and thoughtful in ways I won’t explain now. The Bad: I went to spend the afternoon with a friend (she’s more like family, really) and her brother-in-law’s mother started having chest pains. The ambulance was called and the paramedics stuck her on a stretcher and whisked her away to the emergency room. I found out this morning she had … [read more]

Dec 252011
christmas stockings

What? Like you really expected actual Christmas stockings? Sure you did… christmas stockings was last modified: December 25th, 2011 by Dumb Domme

Dec 242011
'Twas the Night Before Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas, he stands by my bed, The ways I might use him all fly through my head. His body is mine and he jumps at my touch, And I can’t help but maul him, I want him so much. His clothes are all flung to the floor without care. Goddamn, I just love it when his ass is bare. Me in my leather and him in the nude, He has no choice and I’m in the mood. Pushed to the mattress, he’s naked and prone, At the very first strike, he starts to moan. “Shut the … [read more]