Nov 162011
dominant woman dislikes include bdsm duck
  • the end of Daylight Savings time (it gets dark so early!)
  • BDSM ducks (and bears)
  • aching feet
  • disappointing Zutano avocados from the farm
  • people who don’t use turn signals
  • noisy lawnmowers
  • feeling disconnected
  • unexpected visits from family members

  3 Responses to “things I’m hating”

  1. @DC: What's your stance on BDSM bears?

  2. Ughh people who don't use turn signals… definitely a pet peeve of mine. I wish I was hating some other things right now so I could add to your list but I can't think of any. Okay… flight delays at newark airport. I hate that also.

  3. why is this shit so gay?

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