Nov 282011

I got home from work pretty late tonight. It was already dark when I pulled in.

Thank goodness that my house is far enough back off the road that errant articles of clothing and random produce can’t be spotted by neighbors.

Hung around my doorknob, my panties. On my doorstep, one unripe avocado and one ruby red pomegranate (In the car on the way back to the pub, I mentioned my habit of having pomegranante stained fingers, annually, about this time of year. I’m a whore for good produce, so?).

On the back of the grocery receipt, a scrawled note: “I’m now the stuff of carpool legend. Yours, J”

Two points to J for making me blush and for eliciting a reluctant swoon. I never know whether he deserves a backhand or a kiss. Perhaps both?  :)


  4 Responses to “panties and pomegranates”

  1. Ha ha ha! Wonderful way to return your undergarment!

  2. But will he remain consistent? Even when Not getting his way? He seems to want to be submissive only on his terms.

  3. And I thought the panties link was to a photo. :(

  4. I guess that works. ;)

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