Nov 082011

J has a two-day on-site visit with a client that lives near me, and so we have the rare opportunity to spend a few days and nights together. I stuck a handwritten note in his laptop bag this morning before he left.

I’ll be home around 6. I expect to find you naked and bent over the arm of the couch when I get back. I’ll be thinking of you.”

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  1. He better keep his laptop on his lap to hide his bodily response to the note!

  2. @DC: "hide his bodily response…"

    Those are the sweet moments of embarrassment that I wish I could see. Oh, and unfortunately, I didn't get home until just before 7:30. Poor thing was just standing there, bent over, for over almost two hours. ;)

  3. Are you certain he had spent the entire time bent over while he waited?

    From previous posts, it sounds like J is a pretty smart guy and has the necessary experience. Somehow, I doubt he waited in that position since it would be a lot more practical to move into that position when the key was turning in the lock or some such – unless of course the instructions were to be bent over at 6.

    Am I mistaken?

  4. @Troy: "Are you certain he had spent the entire time bent over while he waited?"

    I can't be sure, and I didn't ask. But from the way he was shifting his weight around and seemed a little stiff, I'm sure he was in that position for a while. :)

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