Nov 192011

I miss your attention and your obsession.
I miss your mouth–soft and warm and gentle.
I miss the way you taste.
I miss the way you wrap yourself around me.
I miss the way your body moves under mine.
I miss the way you’re rough and hard and unyielding until you’re under my hand.
I miss the sweetness and the softness I know belongs to me.

  3 Responses to “I miss…”

  1. Shoot I hope this isn't the hotel post mortem. If so, I'm very sorry.

    Hmmm, can we blame it on your mother? :) (sorry just try to raise a smile.)

    Hope tomorrow is a brighter day.

  2. @DC: No, not quite. Believe it or not, I'm still trying to write that. And yes, I do blame my mother. I burned my coffee yesterday and I blamed her for that too. There's very little I don't blame her for (and btw, she's still here!)

  3. I love the feeling expressed here. I have never been missed in that particular way before. (Although I *DO* get pouty emails from the IRS when I’m late on a payment… But that’s altogether different.)

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