Nov 092011
I went to a Halloween party with some friends and finally got a chance to wear my corset. As I said, Halloween is the one time of year that kinky people can walk out among the vanillas without the risk of exposing their kinks.

I had a great time hiding in plain sight.  :)

However, when a woman in a slutty angel costume asked me if I got my “outfit” at Hot Topic, I nearly spit out my drink. Not wanting to explain where I bought it or how much I spent, I tried my best to remove the horrified expression from my face… and then I lied.

Sure, lady. I bought it at Hot Topic.

  4 Responses to “halloween corset”

  1. Her next Hot Topic shopping trip is going to yield very disappointing results.

    And that's one danger of hiding in plain sight: a real lack of appreciation for the genuine effort and cost involved. :-)

  2. Mam is very sexy. Will we see a picture of youre front?

  3. Where's the doornob?

  4. @Clay: I'm still not speaking to the doorknob. :)

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