Nov 022011

I received my first hate mail today. I guess I should be surprised that it took this long. Some of the highlights include:

“youre fucking gay”
“youre like a ruthless capitalist stripper whore”
“being an evil polite person is probably worse then a regular evil person”

Well played, hate-mailer–two points to you. I raise my glass to your facility with language and powers of persuasion. I can’t imagine why the females aren’t tripping over themselves to get to you…

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  1. Wow, some people are special…
    I couldn't help laughing at the idea that "being an evil polite person is probably worse than a regular evil person"… Shame on you for having manners! ;)

  2. Those all came from one message? Count me impressed!

  3. Just wanted to say (and this seems like an appropriate post to say it on), that I'm really, really enjoying your blog! Just read the whole thing and will be looking for updates!


  4. @Vegan_Domme: "Shame on you for having manners!"

    Is it horrible that I was pleased at being recognized as polite? "Oh," I thought, "at least I was civil about it…"

    @WeekBiWeek: "Those all came from one message?"

    Yes. It was oddly impressive that he packed that much into such few words. Apparently, I'm an evil, ruthless, polite, gay, capitalist-stripper-whore. Can I get some sort of award for that? ;)

    @LL: Aww… I'm blushing. :) Thank you for the kind words. Glad to know you don't think I'm an evil, ruthless, polite… er, you know the rest. :)

  5. You aren't anybody until you get you some hate mail! And a stalker… then you know you've really arrived!!

    I've never had either *pout*. What's wrong with MEEEEE???


  6. Horrible that you were recognised as polite? Oh not at all! :) I live by the belief that I can (and do) do anything I want as long as I do it with a 'please' and a 'thank you'. ;)

    I do think you deserve an award for being an "evil, ruthless, polite, gay, capitalist-stripper-whore". :) I can only challenge that with being called a "feminist, Nazi bitch who thinks she's God"…

  7. @Ferns: "What's wrong with MEEEEE???"

    Well, are you a ruthless, capitalist, gay, polite, evil, stripper whore? No? There you go. Try harder next time. :)

    @Vegan_Domme: "I can only challenge that with being called a 'feminist, Nazi bitch who thinks she's God"… "

    Being called a feminist should be a compliment! And I imagine thinking you're God only means you know what you want and how to get it… doesn't sound half bad. :) Gold star to you, too, Vegan_Domme.

  8. This made my morning, and not just the utter and contemptible lack of apostrophes in his contractions or his apparent unwillingness to go back and fix mistakes (I’ve already fixed half a dozen typos that come from my own idiocy, but you don’t see me bragging…. oh, wait.)

    I like the ‘ruthless capitalist stripper whore,’ though I would like to remind this person that ‘redundant’ is in the dictionary three times.

    And how does he manage to perceive you as gay? I think you’re pretty clear in your sexuality. Although, I suppose I shouldn’t be expecting much from someone that thinks calling someone a homosexual is an insult. Isn’t that like saying “You’re dominant! Nyah Nyah!” (or, in this case: “youre dominate! that makes You stupid!”)

    You are very polite. And evil isn’t a bad thing.

    Okay, I’m rambling. Back to the original point: I love this blog.

    • @boot: “or his apparent unwillingness to go back and fix mistakes”

      I wonder sometimes — is it worse to not know that you’re making errors or worse to know you’re making errors and not care to correct them? Meh. I don’t have time to think about it. My job as a ruthless capitalist stripper whore takes up so much of my time!

      “Back to the original point: I love this blog.”

      Excellent point! :)

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