Nov 262011

Presented without context or explanation, a collection of stupid things I’ve said and written over the past month.

  • I Domme gravity. It will bend.
  • You’re like a storm cloud wrapped in disappointment surrounded by orphaned puppies. You’re a sad turducken.
  • Calling it “yum yum” might be a “no no.”
  • My vagina is not a punishment.
  • Cold sore metaphors? That’s not the kind of stuff that makes me want to fuck you.
  • In the interim, I’d chain you to a fence post.
  • Oh, and a poster of a kitten falling off a branch that says “don’t give up.”
  • I see that your modifier is dangling.
  • I slapped that motherfucker as hard as I could, but it just rolled off the bed… still vibrating.

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