Oct 222011

I’m constantly looking at my readership statistics. I like attention–is that a surprise?

Of course, the most popular search term that leads people to this site is “dumb domme,” I assume because people have visited here before or followed me over from FetLife. I can’t imagine why someone would search for a “dumb domme” out of the blue, but I guess it could happen.

Besides “dumb domme,” some of the most popular strings of search terms that led people to the blog include:

  • “come for me, baby”
  • strong vaginal muscles control over a man
  • “bury your face in my”
  • “not done with you”
  • domme hi
  • “worship my pussy”
  • feeldoe
  • orgasm with my cock
  • his head gets heavy on my
  • josé rodolfo loaiza ontiveros
  • trojan stiff hair pictures
  • “masters collar”
  • broken domme
  • .3figging (

Nice. Rearrange some of the terms, throw in a couple of action verbs, pronouns, and coordinating conjunctions, and the whole thing could be a ridiculous poem.

  2 Responses to “readership”

  1. I want the ridiculous poem! Lol. My imagination isn't as good as yours.

  2. @emotepariah: I never did get my poem… maybe I'll do one the next time I compile a list of the ridiculous search terms that people used to find me. :)

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