Oct 082011

With a tug on your hips, I pull you back to your knees. I curl around you from behind, covering your body with mine, and rest my head on your beautiful back. Wrapping my arms around your waist, this is as much of an embrace as I can give you now, and I hope you can sense the sweetness and affection I feel for you. Bent this way, unbound, in your posture of submission, you are as much mine as I am yours. Purring, coaxing you to yield, I whisper, “You’re okay, darling. You’re okay…” . it’s okay was last … [read more]

Oct 052011
epic orgasm (with my own cock!)

I have a strap-on set up that I like, but on a recommendation, I bought a Tantus Feeldoe. The marketing materials suggest that it’s a “harness-free” dildo for tandem use–a strap on without the straps. Supposedly, any woman with adequate PC muscles should be able to “hold on” to the bulb end–no harness required. It sounded interesting to me, and so I ordered one. Of course, I prefer to try things out on my own (when possible) before I try them with a partner. When it arrived in the mail, I wanted to see if it was comfortable and determine … [read more]

Oct 052011
broken shoe

The broken heel image in my header? It’s really quite perfect for me. I didn’t just break a heel though. I broke the whole fucking shoe. Scratch that. I broke both shoes, at the same time, mid-stride. Shoes fail. broken shoe was last modified: February 19th, 2013 by Dumb Domme

Oct 032011

squick, v.: To cause someone to feel a visceral revulsion or extreme personal distaste.

“Ironically, he’s comfortable wearing stockings and stilettos, but asking him to put on a pair of pink panties squicks him.”

“I’m a little squicked that you have ‘ranch dressing’ on your list of fetishes.” … [read more]

Oct 022011

Sitting against the wall with his wrists bound above his head, the blue veins show through the smooth pale skin on the insides of his biceps and forearms. When he pulls against the restraints, his biceps contract and round so beautifully. I love seeing him this way–strung up, hanging there, nearly immobile–his powerful arms rendered essentially useless, existing only so that I might admire them. admiration was last modified: June 24th, 2013 by Dumb Domme