Oct 252011
BDSM Lexicon Entry #4: "Safeword"

safeword, n.: A safeword is a code word or phrase used during BDSM “play” by a submissive or bottom to indicate that she/he/eir wants or needs to stop the activity.

“”He was saying all kinds of crazy stuff when I smacked his ass with the wooden spoons, but when I pulled out the frying pan, he called ‘Gwyneth Paltrow.’ That’s our safeword, so I quit. ”

“Fuck… oh fuck. [what the fuck is the safeword…?!?!?] Tangelo! Shit. Persimmon! Umm… pluot! Gogi berry? Kiwi? Kumquat! KUMQUAT! KUMQUAT!”.” … [read more]

Oct 222011

I know you people are reading, but you aren’t saying much. I get that… it’s cool… *sniffle*  But I actually need some help here! I’d like some suggestions for what to include in the Dumb Domme’s BDSM Lexicon. So far, I’ve “defined” squicked, pansexual, and figging. While anything BDSM, femdom, kink, sex, sexuality, or gender related is fine, I’d like to find terms that give me some opportunity to apply my own special blend of sarcasm, irreverence, mockery, and perhaps, some actual information.  What terms would you like to see defined, made fun of, purposefully misused, and/or included in generally … [read more]

Oct 222011

I’m constantly looking at my readership statistics. I like attention–is that a surprise? Of course, the most popular search term that leads people to this site is “dumb domme,” I assume because people have visited here before or followed me over from FetLife. I can’t imagine why someone would search for a “dumb domme” out of the blue, but I guess it could happen. Besides “dumb domme,” some of the most popular strings of search terms that led people to the blog include: “come for me, baby” strong vaginal muscles control over a man “bury your face in my” “not … [read more]

Oct 212011
femdom art

In my ongoing search to find “quality” materials on BDSM, femdom, and kink, a friend of mine turned me on to a couple of femdom artists.  What follows is a revision of something I first wrote in response to a question about what I liked about particular artists and images. Keep in mind, as always, that I claim very few areas of expertise. Femdom and art are two such areas–while I have very little understanding of either, I do have preferences, and perhaps, more opinions than I should. I’m drawn to the emotion on a man’s face–his expression equally pleading … [read more]

Oct 202011
celebrate #SpiritDay!

“Millions of Americans wear purple on Spirit Day as a sign of support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth and to speak out against bullying. Spirit Day was started in 2010 by teenager Brittany McMillan as a response to the young people who had taken their own lives. Observed annually on October 20, individuals, schools, organizations, corporations, media professionals and celebrities wear purple, which symbolizes spirit on the rainbow flag. Getting involved is easy — participants are asked to simply “go purple” on October 20 as we work to create a world in which LGBT teens are celebrated … [read more]