Oct 222011

I know you people are reading, but you aren’t saying much. I get that… it’s cool… *sniffle* 

But I actually need some help here! I’d like some suggestions for what to include in the Dumb Domme’s BDSM Lexicon. So far, I’ve “defined” squicked, pansexual, and figging. While anything BDSM, femdom, kink, sex, sexuality, or gender related is fine, I’d like to find terms that give me some opportunity to apply my own special blend of sarcasm, irreverence, mockery, and perhaps, some actual information. 

What terms would you like to see defined, made fun of, purposefully misused, and/or included in generally inappropriate sentences in DD’s BDSM Lexicon?

Let me know in the comments. (As usual, the “anonymous comments” feature is active, so you can suggest a term completely anonymously.)


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  1. Not that it requiring defining, but I would be interested in your thoughts on rimming, both giving and receiving.

  2. Anon: "thoughts on rimming…"

    Yes please. :)

    Great idea! And you're right–it doesn't exactly need defining, but I imagine most of what will be included in the lexicon won't *really* need defining, but it's lots of fun to do anyway!

    So, absolutely! And thank you–"rimming" might be next week's entry. :)

  3. Hmmm I scanned a fetish checklist and couldn't find any I didn't know. Alas I did find many I have yet to experience. Perhaps then I don't really 'know' them, I just 'know of' them?

    As for irreverence and sarcasm and actual information, how about homage, saran wrapping, and penis gags?

  4. DC: I think penis gags, saran wrapping, and homages, will work very well for irreverance–I'm already thinking bad poetry… :)

  5. I would imagine that you could go for a very long time just using the latin words for much of the BDSM exploration – Dacryphilia, for example… being arroused by tears.

  6. @Troy: "I would imagine that you could go for a very long time just using the latin words for much of the BDSM exploration"

    I've looked through some of the existing (serious) lexicons and I'm having trouble coming up with terms I can (and want to) make fun of. Dacryphilia is actually a good one though!

    The trouble is that I can find humor in some of them and with others, I don't want to write anything that would really offend someone or hurt their feelings (within reason). For example, I'm working on "genderqueer" because I have a really good illustration for it and because I think I can say something intelligent about gender binaries, but I don't want to poke fun at anyone who identifies as such in a way that would hurt feelings.

    Ah, we'll see. Dacryphilia has some potential! Thanks for the suggestion!

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