Oct 312011

Happy Halloween, friends.

It’s the one day a year you can wear your sexiest, most off-the-wall fetish gear and walk amongst the vanillas with no fear of them learning of your kinks. Of course, at least a quarter of the women out there will be decked out in something resembling fetish gear anyway so you aren’t likely to stand out. The other three-quarters of the ladies will be dressed as slutty nurses, slutty movie stars, slutty pirates, slutty [insert profession here], etc.

I’ve always preferred creativity over sexiness in my past picks for costumes, but this year, I’m seriously considering going out to a Halloween party in my black leather corset, matching leather mini, and fuck-you heels (I don’t wear “fuck-me” heels, only “fuck-you” heels). I bought my corset a while back, finally figured out how to put it on without accidentally tying myself to anything, but I still haven’t actually worn it for playtime. J hasn’t seen me in it… nobody’s seen me in it… and I’m dying to wear it! Perhaps I’ll wear it tonight.  :)

Of course, if I chicken out, I still have a sexy backup costume idea–a green M&M; suit. Green M&Ms; are fabled to make you horny, so that’s still sexy, right?

Or I could choose one of these… or not.  :)

silly sexy halloween costumes for women

1. Sponges are generally ineffective as a method of birth control.
2. Sexy construction worker? Might I suggest a manhole instead?
3. WTF? I got nothing for this one.

  5 Responses to “Happy Halloween!”

  1. "Might I suggest a manhole instead?" Lol. Wouldn't she BE the manhole?

  2. So did you go with the corset, or the slutty green M&M? ;-)

    • The corset was last year. This year, I’ll be a slutty M&M.

      Wouldn’t that be hilarious? To show up to a fetish party as a green M&M? That would be funny… (ideas, ideas)…

  3. Goddamn, you’re funny. lolz

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