Oct 262011

sex and fetish show conferenceApparently, I just missed the “Everything to do with Sex Show” in Toronto this past weekend. Maybe my invitation got lost in the mail?

Sessions and seminars on the “Dungeon Stage” included such clever titles as “Bottoms Up, Impact Play,” “I’m a Little Tied Up,” and “Light Up Your Loving.” I actually appreciate that someone took the time to craft relatively witty titles for what otherwise might have sounded boring (BDSM as boring? I see the irony there.)

It sounds like it would have been fun to attend–after all I love toys, boys, burlesque, and roller derby–and if anyone ever hosts an event featuring all of the above, I’ll be there. From what little I can make out from the photos, next year, I’d like to see a little more objectification of pretty boys, please?

While the “news coverage” consists of mostly photos, you can check out Photos of the Everything to Do with Sex Show Toronto” and Conventionally Sexy, With a Twist.”

vibrators at a sex show conference sale

WTF is that nubbly pink light-up thing?
It looks like something that should be on a sushi menu. Or not.

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