Oct 292011

Presented without context or explanation, a collection of stupid things I’ve said and written over the past week.

  • If we were dogs, I’d pee on you.
  • Seeing me deep throat a bratwurst isn’t something anyone would enjoy.
  • In Domina-land, you not boink Domina. Domina boink you.
  • There’s no way to apply chapstick and look sexy at the same time.
  • It’s like catching a glimpse of a disco ball in a burlap sack, really.
  • Is that before or after your cock jumped off your body and ran away?
  • I’ve learned not to shove things into people’s butts without discussing it with them first.
  • So you’ve negotiated hard limits with your Dominant and decided that your safeword is “Mitt Romney.”


  4 Responses to “dumb things I’ve said”

  1. Almost sounds like these could be from that NPR Saturday quiz show "Wait Wait.. Don't Tell Me!" Which of the following did D actually say??

    However, they do all actually make sense! (Perhaps because I remember the context of most of them.)

  2. Guess correctly and you win our prize. Dumb Domme will record the greeting on your home answering machine.


  3. Chica, you make me laugh. Thanks.

  4. Thanks Lizzie! :)

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