Oct 312011
Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, friends. It’s the one day a year you can wear your sexiest, most off-the-wall fetish gear and walk amongst the vanillas with no fear of them learning of your kinks. Of course, at least a quarter of the women out there will be decked out in something resembling fetish gear anyway so you aren’t likely to stand out. The other three-quarters of the ladies will be dressed as slutty nurses, slutty movie stars, slutty pirates, slutty [insert profession here], etc. I’ve always preferred creativity over sexiness in my past picks for costumes, but this year, I’m seriously considering … [read more]

Oct 292011

Presented without context or explanation, a collection of stupid things I’ve said and written over the past week. ———- If we were dogs, I’d pee on you. Seeing me deep throat a bratwurst isn’t something anyone would enjoy. In Domina-land, you not boink Domina. Domina boink you. There’s no way to apply chapstick and look sexy at the same time. It’s like catching a glimpse of a disco ball in a burlap sack, really. Is that before or after your cock jumped off your body and ran away? I’ve learned not to shove things into people’s butts without discussing it … [read more]

Oct 272011
I threw my back out, masturbating

Yep. I did. A hot bath, muscle relaxants, and a good glass of red wine are in order…. for medicinal purposes, of course. If only I hadn’t thrown my back out, it might have been a lovely evening. With the hot bubble bath and glass of wine, I might have been in the mood to play or even just masturba…. oh forget it. The only thing I’ll be topping tonight is a heating pad. .   I threw my back out, masturbating was last modified: October 2nd, 2012 by Dumb Domme

Oct 272011

I participate in a couple of groups over on FetLife, answering questions with more questions, describing stupid personal experiences, making jokes, and offering opinions. On the absolute rarest of occasions, I give what I hope is good advice.  What follows is an expansion of my response to a FetLife member’s question about how to approach a partner with a fantasy, particularly when you aren’t sure your partner will be into trying it, or when you suspect your partner won’t like the idea.  The Questions & Context (paraphrased and altered): How do you approach a partner with your fantasy? (especially when … [read more]

Oct 262011
everything to do with sex show

Apparently, I just missed the “Everything to do with Sex Show” in Toronto this past weekend. Maybe my invitation got lost in the mail? Sessions and seminars on the “Dungeon Stage” included such clever titles as “Bottoms Up, Impact Play,” “I’m a Little Tied Up,” and “Light Up Your Loving.” I actually appreciate that someone took the time to craft relatively witty titles for what otherwise might have sounded boring (BDSM as boring? I see the irony there.) It sounds like it would have been fun to attend–after all I love toys, boys, burlesque, and roller derby–and if anyone ever … [read more]