Sep 072011

J: What are you pointing at, Ma’am? Can I get you something? Anything?

Me: I’m not pointing… I’m giving you the finger. Isn’t that obvious?

J: I would never just assume that you’re giving me the finger.

Me: Ummm… I think we may be having some communication issues here…


  7 Responses to “the finger”

  1. har harrr


  2. I totally just spewed coffee at that. You owe me a new Blackberry. (Teasing)ing)

  3. Yay Becca! (not for the coffee-spewed Blackberry, but the sentiment that inspired it).

    I hope to judge my value as a writer in terms of ruined electronics due to snorfing, spewing, and sputtering various liquids on keyboards and screens. :)

    Thanks for the feedback!

  4. That wasn't nice. I almost lost my chocolate!

  5. says in her best guns n roses voice “what we have here is a failure to communicate”


  6. It’s a quote from Cool Hand Luke from the governor to Paul Newman. :) x

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