Sep 222011

Twisting his face hard in her hand, she pushes her index finger and thumb into the hollows of his cheeks, squishing his lips into a mangled “O.” With her other hand, she shoves a finger into his mouth and he yields immediately, unclenching his jaw to allow the intrusion. She withdraws her finger slowly and pushes again, deeper. She adds a second finger, then a third, and he chokes to accommodate the fourth as she shoves her hand as far into his mouth as it will go. Still gripping his face, she fucks his mouth with her hand and watches his eyes grow wide.

When he begins to gag, she curls her fingers down behind his bottom teeth, pulling his whole body forward by the jaw. He leans forward uncomfortably over his crossed legs to lessen the strain on his jaw and neck and he is forced to lift his eyes to meet hers.

“Is this what you wanted, sweetheart? Suck and fuck, right?” she asks.

Without waiting for a response, she raises herself to get leverage, tightens her grip on his jaw, and forces his head sideways down into the mattress. Without time to untangle his legs, his body crashes to the bed awkwardly and he is left lying on his side with one foot caught behind his other knee, cock exposed, hard, and dripping.

Glancing at his cock, she purrs, “This is what you wanted… isn’t it?”

With his his face still smashed into into the mattress, she slaps his cock sharply with her free hand. When he only jerks in surprise, she smacks it again, and he seems to understand and untangles his legs.

She releases his face and straddles his hip as he lays on his side. Leaning over, she whispers, “ready to fuck?” and grinds her pussy hard against his hip. With her thigh, she pushes him over gently and he shifts onto his back under her.

She leans down and kisses him slowly, enjoying the small sounds he makes as his mouth melts into hers. He opens wide to allow her tongue to play with his. He pushes up into her, grinding his cock against the crotch of her jeans, desperate for touch, for friction, for anything to relieve the aching in his groin. She knows he wants more–more kissing, more contact, more of her.

After allowing him to grind against her for a little while, she sits up and smiles coyly as she unbuttons her jeans. Instead of unzipping the fly, she folds the fabric back and smooths it down, leaving the zipper closed and exposed. She gently strokes his cock for a few moments before laying back down on top of him, pinning his cock between his stomach and the zipper.

He is still now. Kissing him again, she rubs herself against his cock, slowly increasing the pressure, feeling resistance when the metal teeth of the zipper catches the skin.

She grinds harder, enjoying the feeling of his body tensing beneath her when his skin catches. She grinds against him until she is sure the skin on his cock is red and raw and sore. Finally sitting up, releasing him for just a moment, she shifts her weight back to her legs to give him room to move. She takes his cock and holds it firmly between the palm of her hand and the zipper of her jeans.

She tells him flatly, “You can fuck now, sweetheart. Fuck now.”

He squeezes his eyes shut tight and pushes his hips up tentatively, pauses, and lets himself down slowly, wincing at the pain. He takes a deep breath and pushes up again, and again, thrusting in slow motion. She smiles as she watches him masturbate himself painfully against the rough metal.

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  1. That is the hottest thing ever.

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