Aug 292011

I want you under me, where you belong. I want you within my reach, where I can control your body, your mind, and your heart. I want to feel your tension, your frustration, your longing, your absolute trust. I want to twist your cock and watch the smile fade from your beautiful face.

I want to straddle your chest and feel your heart quicken under me. I want to see your frustration build as I indulge myself in brushing my lips against your neck, as I slowly kiss every inch of your outstretched arms from your shoulders to the thick leather cuffs locked around your wrists. I want to suck each one of your fingers and watch your hard cock pulse in rhythm with your heartbeat, longing for my touch.

I want to lower myself onto your mouth and watch your sweet face while you worship my pussy with your lips and your tongue. You are so beautiful there–so sweet and giving and loving.

I want to smother you, to cut you off from light and sound and breath until you surrender, until you realize that you enjoy those privileges at my pleasure, until you remember that you belong to me.


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  1. Beautiful! I love reading the dominants point of view….. makes me love to be one who surrenders within our dynamic


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