Aug 312011

My boy phoned yesterday and I didn’t pick up. I was so proud of myself for maintaining some guise of detachment, right up until the time I realized he wasn’t going to call again. He wrote later to tell me he would be home in a few days. I waited a few more hours and sent what I hope was a casual reply. It’s times like these–when I’m feeling neglected, lonely, and subject to emotions I’m unable to control–that I dream of writing out a list of rules by hand and stapling it to his chest. I dream of hurting … [read more]

Aug 292011

I want you under me, where you belong. I want you within my reach, where I can control your body, your mind, and your heart. I want to feel your tension, your frustration, your longing, your absolute trust. I want to twist your cock and watch the smile fade from your beautiful face. I want to straddle your chest and feel your heart quicken under me. I want to see your frustration build as I indulge myself in brushing my lips against your neck, as I slowly kiss every inch of your outstretched arms from your shoulders to the thick … [read more]

Aug 292011

I’m a creature of aesthetics and decorum. My sense of both leads me to believe that Lady Gaga should be shot without ceremony or mourning. I’m bored and lonely and should know better than to watch random youtube clips to pass the time. Now that I’ve spent time and energy wishing death on various pop stars, I’m going to consider this a lesson learned. I shall not indiscriminately browse youtube clips again. aesthetics and Lady Gaga was last modified: September 30th, 2012 by Dumb Domme

Aug 282011

J, You’re out of town. I didn’t give you permission to leave. I mean, of course I would have given you permission, but it would have been nice if you had asked. I expect you to ask. As I understand it, I have a right to your “free time” outside of work. That’s what you offered and I accepted. But now it seems like your “free time” is “free time” as long as you define it as such? So I have the pleasure of having you if and when you want me to have you? Not cool. Out of Town … [read more]

Aug 242011
Success! (or, Shopping Day 3)

Stilettos do come in women’s wide-width sizes! At least, I think they do. It’s also very possible that they are made for very short transvestites. There’s no way to be sure. At Macy’s, a very tiny Asian man directed me to a beautiful pair of strappy, black, patent leather stilettos — my dream shoes! He even claimed they were comfortable, although I can’t imagine how he knew whether or not they were comfortable. When I asked him if I could try on a pair in my size, he said, “Oh, I don’t work here…” and he walked away. Short transvestite? … [read more]